Product certification

Gain your T&RGETMARK by having your product independently tested by the Test & Research Centre. We’ll ensure that both the product and its production comply with a published Certification Scheme. The T&RGETMARK is Certification Mark, owned and managed by Test & Research Centre, and applied to qualifying products as a mark of quality assurance.

Certification Body

T&RGETMARK - Product Certification

Get your product certified in the UK by a Certification Body that specialises in testing access equipment and cares deeply about product safety. We’ll regularly check that both your product and its production comply with a published Certification Scheme and grant you a licence to use the T&RGETMARK, which can be applied to your product as a mark of quality assurance for your clients and the wider marketplace.

Do you manufacture scaffold towers, podiums or portable ladders?

We’re all set up to help you demonstrate that your products meet product standards. Working in accordance with international standard ISO 17065 for Certification Bodies, we can:

Learn more about our Certification Schemes for mobile towers, prefabricated tower scaffolds and EN 131 ladders. Each scheme is based on the relevant product standard (either EN 1004, BS 1139-6, BS 8620 or EN 131), with additional requirements specified by PASMA and the Ladder Association.

Do you manufacture or procure another type of product?

While we don’t have Certification Schemes in place for other types of products yet, it’s something we’ll be working on in future. For now, we’re very happy to help you with an extensive range of product testing.

Are you interested in developing your own Certification Scheme?

Are you a trade association or industry body? We can work with you to develop a Certification Scheme that we’ll manage on your behalf. The scheme would be based on national, regional or international standards, together with any other requirements you decide that are necessary.

Scaffold Towers

Mobile access and working towers (EN 1004), prefabricated tower scaffolds (BS 1139-6) and low level work platforms (BS 8620)


Portable ladders (EN 131)


We can develop Certification Schemes to certify other types of products – just contact us to start the conversation.