Product testing & certification

Podiums to BS 8620

Independent and reliable podium testing for low level work platforms, otherwise known as Podiums, to BS 8620

A testing and certification service for manufacturers, importers and regulators, who want to know for sure that their product conforms to BS 8620

We manage a certification scheme on behalf of PASMA and grant qualifying products a licence to use the T&RGETMARK

BS 8620 – Low level work platforms

We can provide independent and reliable podium testing and Certification to BS 8620. 

BS 8620 is the standard for low level work platforms. Products within the scope of this standard must have:  

The standard has wide ranging requirements which covers all aspects of the podium design and its use. It covers dimensional requirements for things like side protection and access. In addition, it also has tests which take into account use. For example, podium testing includes resistance to sliding and its ability to resist overturning loads from use and whilst a user climbs onto it.   

podium testing
podium testing

When you have your product tested and certified by Test & Research Centre, we’ll grant you a licence to use the T&RGETMARK. The T&RGETMARK is Certification Mark, owned and managed by Test & Research Centre, and applied to qualifying products as a mark of quality assurance.