Product testing & certification

Prefabricated Tower Scaffolds to BS 1139-6

Independent and reliable prefabricated tower scaffold testing in accordance with BS 1139-6

A testing and certification service for manufacturers, importers and regulators, who want to know for sure that their product conforms to BS 1139-6

We manage this certification scheme on behalf of PASMA and grant qualifying products a licence to use the T&RGETMARK

BS 1139-6 – Prefabricated tower scaffolds

This certification scheme is for prefabricated tower scaffolds, which are tower structures that fall outside the scope of EN 1004 but use components from EN 1004 systems. This includes cantilever towers, towers with bridges and towers on stairs. We test these towers in accordance with the combined requirements of BS 1139-6 and PASMA, which include:

tower testing
tower testing
tower testing
Tower testing

When you have your product tested and certified by Test & Research Centre, we’ll grant you a licence to use the T&RGETMARK. The T&RGETMARK is Certification Mark, owned and managed by Test & Research Centre, and applied to qualifying products as a mark of quality assurance.