T&RGETMARK granted to Parrs for UK made Kick Step

Step stool testing

First T&RGETMARK goes to Parrs for UK-made Kick Step Test & Research Centre is proud to announce the first access product to hold its T&RGETMARK Certification Mark. Parrs had struggled to find a Certification Body to help them – until they came to T&R.  19th January 2021 Parrs & the Kick Step F Parr Ltd […]

Testing Vs Certification?

ladder testing

Testing vs Certification? What is the difference between testing and Certification? Does it mean the same thing? Does it matter anyway? By the end of this 2 minute read, you should know the difference and why it is important.  18th November 2020 What is Testing? At some point in the development of any product, it […]

What is the value in Certification?

The value of Certification The word ‘Certification’ is thrown around a lot, but it has a very specific meaning. Do you know what it tells you about a product and why it’s such an important factor to consider before you make a purchase? By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of […]